Reflecting on years of enduring public scrutiny and body shaming, Oprah candidly addressed the often harsh spotlight cast upon her appearance. She acknowledged her current weight loss journey, openly admitting to seeking additional support. Alongside exercise and diet modifications, she disclosed her utilization of a “medically approved prescription” to aid in her transformation, finally discovering a regimen that suits her after years of weight fluctuations.

Breaking free from the shame associated with using this “tool,” Oprah expressed a sense of relief and redemption. While she didn’t specify the prescription, medications like Ozempic and Monjourno have generated significant attention within the medical and weight loss realms.

In an interview with People, Oprah emphasized the significance of having a medically endorsed option for managing weight and enhancing overall health. She conveyed her determination to no longer succumb to external or internalized shaming regarding her choices, highlighting a pivotal shift in perspective after engaging in discussions with clinicians for her Oprah Daily‚Äôs Life You Want series. Her views evolved, viewing obesity less as a matter of willpower and more as a complex “disease.”

Oprah adopted a holistic approach, amplifying her exercise routine by setting personal hiking goals, enhancing her strength and fitness. Coupled with a revised diet, including an earlier last meal and increased water intake, she also utilizes the WeightWatchers points system to maintain focus and accountability.

While her dedication to exercise escalated post-knee surgery, she began the prescription just before Thanksgiving. Notably, during the indulgent holiday season, she observed lesser weight gain than usual, attributing this to the drug’s impact.

In her journey, Oprah doesn’t solely fixate on the scale’s numbers. Her primary aim is to embrace a renewed opportunity for a more vibrant and fulfilling life.